Giselle is an accomplished gong player and sound artist, with many years of experience in the field of Sound Therapy. Her first encounter with sound vibration was in a Kundalini Yoga class. There she first heard the intrinsic sounds of the gong and was hooked. Enchanted with sound vibration paired with the science of yoga and meditation she immersed herself with Kundalini Yoga, Bhakti yoga and Tantra.

Unfolding before her a path of devotion to unleash that which is hidden. Like the lotus flower emerging from the deep mud, sound vibration, meditation, and devotional chanting are powerful keys to open the light within to illuminate your entire being.

Giselle has studied the art of Sacred Sound with Gongmaster Sotantar Suraj and later assisted him as a teacher at his all night gong concerts at the Integratron in Joshua Tree, California and other events. Teaching Kundalini Yoga, meditation and guiding ecstatic dance.

Becoming visible on her own, using planetary gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, bells, frame drum and her voice, Giselle facilitates sound bath immersions through the elements. Incorporating meditation, chanting, vocal toning to prepare the Self to go beyond the body and mind, to dissolve in the All.

Giselle performs sound immersion workshops for yoga classes, festivals, groups and individuals. She teaches weekly at YogaWorks in Costa Mesa and holds sound/meditation workshops in Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Long Beach. She also has completed her first sound/meditation CD entitled Cosmic Cycles.

Giselle’s trainings include five year training with Sotantar Suraj‚Äôs Gong Avatar Academy (sound therapy), 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga West, 200 Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training, an education in Ayurvedic Health from the California College of Ayurveda. Currently she is learning to play the frame drum and vocal exploration with the incredible devotional singer Miranda Rondeau.

Self discovery has been Giselle’s passion, with an insatiable thirst to live from the heart, to dance with joy, sing from the soul, to love all beings and to remain always a humble seeker of truth, love and devotion.